The family business Rajh plus d.o.o. (Ltd.) was founded in 1897 and is now successfully managed by the fourth generation.

From a blacksmith’s workshop we have developed into a metalworking company with 11 employees and a wide range of products and services. The guiding principle of our daily work is to offer high-quality products with lasting performance to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to establish a long-term cooperation with them. At the same time, we are responsive to our customers and work with them to find causes and solutions to their operational problems. Many of our products are custom-made products. This type of production requires a wide range of skills, flexibility, organisation and quality control to ensure that the products are made according to the customers wishes. For these reasons, we have always placed great emphasis on the training of our employees and the development of our production capacities. If in the past we focused on gearboxes and equipment for various processes in farms and industry, over the years we have supplemented this programme with extensive expertise and experience and developed a very wide range of products (based on the same expertise) and services that we now offer our customers. Here we can highlight mechanical engineering, CNC machining and the manufacture of gearboxes and other drives, as well as various mills.

RAJH PLUS d.o.o.
Črešnjevec 143
2310 Slovenska Bistrica

T: (02) 81 81 385

Registration number: 2130211000
Tax number: 80968228

SI56 0443 0000 1159 943
(NOVA KBM d.d.)

Corporate guidelines

We strive to offer high quality products with lasting performance that our customers will be satisfied with.

Long-term cooperation with our customers is the benchmark for qualitative collaboration and product satisfaction.

We are responsive to our clients and work with them to find causes and solutions to their operational problems.

History of the company

  • 1897


    Blaž Rajh obtains an official trade licence and opens a blacksmith’s workshop in Košaki near Maribor. Later he moved the workshop to Črešnjevec, where they were engaged in the manufacture of various products, but they were best known for their ploughs. At the ” blacksmith’s “, as it was called, many masters of their trade were trained. At that time, the name Rajh was also still used.

  • 1946


    Blaž’s son, Mihael Rajh, takes over the business and successfully runs the workshop until 1970.

  • 1970


    Over time, the craft has changed, hand tools have been replaced by machines, blacksmiths have been replaced by locksmiths. When Mihael Rajh, representative of the already third generation of the Rajh family, took over the business in 1970, the company was renamed in Ključavničarstvo, procesna oprema, reduktorji, Rajh Mihael s.p..

  • 1979

    Due to the wide product portfolio and the increased need for employees, Slavica Rajh, Mihael Rajh’s wife, founded the company Kovinska galanterija, Slavica Rajh s.p. in 1979. Both Mihael and Slavica Rajh’s companies were responsible for product development, personnel and customer satisfaction throughout Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia.

  • 1990

    Until 1990, the company’s products were used to equip poultry farms throughout Yugoslavia. They also manufactured systems for continuous feeding of poultry without human intervention. The company also received awards for these systems.

  • 1995

    After the break-up of Yugoslavia, the company turned to the development of gearboxes needed for installation in plants whose operation did not require human intervention. Customised gearboxes and drives are still one of the company’s main products today.

  • 2006

    Mihael and Slavica Rajh found the company RAJH PLUS d.o.o.. During this time, the company is mainly active in the field of complete solutions for drive technology with innovative solutions in various industries where highly loaded machines, automated production lines or processes are used. Various projects are often carried out in the aluminium, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, where special machines and equipment are designed and manufactured.

  • 2011

    Mihael Rajh is still active in the company after his retirement, but leaves the management to his wife Slavica Rajh and his son Mate Rajh. Matej Rajh has meanwhile completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor and is successfully integrated into the regular work of the company.