We are a competent partner in the field of aluminium processing and offer you products tailored to your needs, enriched by our know-how and many years of experience.

We process aluminium in various forms, aluminium bars, profiles or sheets. We are mainly active in machining, CNC milling and CNC turning, but also in other areas that enable us to produce a perfectly processed aluminium product. The production process of aluminium components starts with the cutting of the incoming raw profile, tube bar or sheet, is refined by MIG and TIG welding if necessary and is surface treated after machining.

In addition, however, we are also a development partner who ensures the optimisation of products in terms of function, production and strength, thus offering a complete service for the processing of aluminium, the production of elements and finished products. We are a competent partner for the production of prototypes and individual pieces as well as small and medium-sized production series. We process machine elements, vehicle parts, measuring instruments, architectural elements, components for medical and aerospace engineering, etc.


We offer 4-axis CNC milling and drilling, which enables us to manufacture complex aluminium parts. We process parts up to a size of 3000x800x760 [mm] and a weight of 1800 kg.

CNC milling of aluminium profiles, tubes, solid material or sheet metal parts is carried out with high-quality machines. We always adapt the technologies to the requirements of our customers in order to achieve a high level of quality.

We produce a wide range of aluminium supports, frames, rails, housings, flanges, tools, fixtures, adapters, handles, covers, etc.


CNC turning of aluminium parts is mainly done on round workpieces, where the raw material is an aluminium bar. We process parts up to a size of ø205×580 [mm] and mainly produce shafts, axles, bolts, studs and various threaded parts or specially shaped parts.


The surface gives an aluminium product its final character and has a functional or visual significance. To ensure very tight tolerances, the product can be cylindrically ground – internal and external grinding of cylindrical surfaces. External grinding is carried out up to ø360×1100 [mm] and internal grinding up to ø400×300 [mm]. However, where appearance is particularly important, brushing, grinding or polishing processes can be used to achieve an elegant appearance of a product.


Every branch of industry has its own need for optimising elements. Our experts have many years of experience in the design, construction and manufacture of various aluminium elements. We offer optimisation of all types of elements (enclosures, moulds, preparations, beams, frames, etc.), and our advantage lies primarily in taking into account the specific needs and wishes of our customers.


In our company we are aware that a machined product is not sufficient in most cases. For this reason,

we also offer additional applications and services in cooperation with certified external partners:

  • heat treatment,
  • anodising,
  • powder coating.