High-quality and precise machining of components is of utmost importance for the stability, accuracy and quality of the final product. At RAJH PLUS d.o.o., we pride ourselves on approaching the machining process with care. We take on large series or sample pieces that can be manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. The advantage of our company is that we have complete customised workflows that enable us to offer services of the highest standard.


In addition to our modern CNC machines, we also have machines for conventional machining. These machines are mainly used for the manufacture of a variety of spare parts and small series products (even 1 piece), which are also indispensable in a variety of production areas.

Despite the small series, these parts in particular usually require very different machining processes as well as high precision, which we guarantee with various conventional lathes and milling machines. On conventional lathes we machine parts up to a size of 900×2000 [mm], and on milling machines parts up to a size of 1000×1000 [mm].


In our production facility, we manufacture products with state-of-the-art machinery. The latter enables us to cut, bend and shape all types of sheet metal. Thanks to a wide range of tools and a large stock of sheet metal, we can meet your most demanding requirements.

Cutting sheet metal:

We offer a shear cutting service for cutting sheets up to a length of 3100 [mm] and a thickness of 6.35 [mm].

Bending of sheet metal:

We carry out the bending of sheet metal on proven machines where we can guarantee the quality of the bending with the appropriate tolerances. On our bending machines we can produce a wide range of sheet metal elements up to a thickness of 8 [mm].


We weld all types of steel, aluminium, special alloys and other materials. The welding work is carried out using the TIG and MIG/MAG processes. We also offer spot welding, which is particularly suitable for welding thin sheets. For the various welding processes we offer, we have suitable and high-quality welding equipment from renowned manufacturers.

Using welding tables, special fixtures and welding jigs, we position and weld sheet metal parts and products made of profiles and tubes in the most complex shapes. After welding, the products are refined by grinding and polishing or prepared for all kinds of surface treatments.

Our success is characterised by professionalism, unity, good work organisation and efficient teamwork as well as project implementation.


We offer the following:


We offer internal planing (shaping) of grooves for various products up to a width of 45 [mm] and a length of 380 [mm].


We offer services in the field of cutting pipes and profiles up to a size of ø240×5000 [mm] on a band saw. We use manual and automatic band saws of a well-known manufacturer for cutting, which ensure precision and high cutting speeds.