Through long-term cooperation, we provide our partners with reliable and high-quality metalworking services in our modern machine park. We process a variety of materials in different dimensions. Depending on customer requirements, we are flexible both in terms of batch sizes and production times. For efficient quality management, we maintain and continuously improve a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.


Our company has a long tradition in CNC milling. We are specialised in 4-axis CNC milling and drilling. CNC milling is done with high quality machines. We machine parts up to a size of 3000x800x760 [mm] and a weight of 1800 kg.

CNC milling is used to machine all types of materials:

  • steel,
  • aluminium,
  • stainless steel (INOX),
  • bronze,
  • brass,
  • thermoplastics (PE, PP, PA, POM, PEEK, PTFE and other technical polymers).


With a professional approach, we offer CNC turning on state-of-the-art lathes in large and small series as well as one-offs. We have experience in machining most materials used in the metal industry. The satisfaction of our customers is guaranteed by the high quality of our products. We machine a wide variety of parts: bolts, bushings, flanges, studs up to very complex axles, shafts with different grooves and special threads. On our CNC lathes we can manufacture products up to a size of ø205×580 [mm].


We use several grinding machines for our grinding services so that we can meet your requirements in the shortest possible time. We offer both external and internal cylindrical grinding services. We perform external grinding up to dimensions ø360×1100 [mm] and internal grinding up to dimensions ø400×300 [mm]. We are specialized in grinding shafts, axles, rollers, bushings and piston rods. We can also offer a combination of grinding and nitriding to achieve good sliding properties and wear resistance.


Gear grinding is a crucial process in the production of high-precision gears. Gears with precision ground teeth run smoother and wear more evenly than gears with chipped teeth.

Our company has decades of experience in gear manufacturing and continuously invests in the latest gear grinding technology. This combination ensures that we produce high precision, high quality custom gears that meet our customers’ strict specifications and tolerances. We offer grinding services for externally ground spur and helical gears. We grind gears up to dimensions ø360×350 with a module of 0.5 to 10.


Worm gears consist of a worm and a worm wheel. They belong to the group of gears used to transmit motion between the two shaft axes. High transmission ratios can be achieved with worm gears (is this a reasonable theory?).

Coil grinding is performed up to dimensions ø315×1000 [mm], module from 0.5 to 20 and pitch ±40°.