Drive systems are usually more complex assemblies or drive units which, in addition to a gearbox or gear and an electric motor, contain various types of mechanisms, electrical devices (control cabinet, switches, sensors, controls, frequency converters), hydraulic or pneumatic components. These units perform a function and can be used independently or adapted as assemblies for installation in different plants, machines or production lines.

Drive trains and complex drive systems are based on gears as mechanical transmissions and often include special gears and other mechanical or electrical components, which are listed below and can also be supplied as individual parts or spare parts:

  • electric motors,
  • electric brake motors,
  • frequency controller,
  • sensors,
  • mechanisms,
  • shaft couplings,
  • clutches,
  • brakes,
  • hydraulic cylinders,
  • hydraulic motors,
  • hydraulic valves,
  • hydraulic power units,
  • pneumatic cylinders,
  • pneumatic motors,
  • pneumatic valves.